Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Faculty Meeting January 11, 2010

On Monday, January 11th, the GDS faculty met to envision the GDS of 2030. You can read all the notes contributed by the groups on the webpage we built together during the meeting.

Here are two Wordles made from our responses to a couple of the questions posed in our faculty meeting. Click on the image to get a bigger view (you'll be able to actually read the words that way).

Question Two: What skills will a kindergarten child of today need to be successful in this world you have imagined 20 years from now?

Wordle: GDS skills in 20 year

Question Three: Think about your own life and the times when you were really learning – the “peak learning experiences” of your life. What were the conditions that made your high-performance learning experiences so powerful?

Wordle: Faculty meeting part two

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